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I have a 32'' 720p tv that I'm replacing with a 1080p...my monitor is 1200....would using the 720p tv as an extended desktop be a viable option? Like pretty much as a place to put extra windows and to read from while gaming or if I'm working on two projects at once instead of alt tabbing.
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  1. What I'm really asking, is would the picture quality suffer at all? Obviously I'm going to still want to watch and videos on my 1200, but is it worth it just for like a display anything non videoquality related?
  2. Another reason I ask is because when I do, do it and use the recommended resolution I still have some black bars on the screen. To the left and the right, but I when I maximize any windows it takes up the whole screen...so I'm guessing thats just because my background isn't big enough for that screen right?
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