Core 2 duo vs core i3

I need to buy a laptop. There are 2 models I am looking for. One is with core 2 duo processor & the other is with core i3. which one should I go for ?
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  1. Ugh, there have been so many topics on this question already.

    Could you be more specific as to which Core 2 Duo Processor the laptop offers?

    If you're wanting to purchase a laptop for long battery life and don't plan on doing high-performance functions, the Core 2 Duo SU7300 is a good choice.

    Otherwise, if you want more power, then the i3 is better with the new Hyper-Threading. But that's only if the price difference isn't that big.
  2. List the specs of the two laptops. i3 is a faster cpu.

    Also list what is the most important thing from most to least important for an example: gaming-hard drive space- battery life-screen size (bigger)-etc. Or anything else that might be useful.
  3. if only the cpu matters for you the i3 its a better choise.
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