LED AOC V22+ Verfino vs LCD LG W2261VP

So i've decided to get a new monitor and i don't know which one of this two 22inch should i get (same price range):

LED AOC V22+ Verfino



Now the AOC has 100000:1 vs LGs 50000:1 contrast.I googled around and found out that contrast ratio is the least reliable figure in the tv buying process,since there no way to measure the actual effectiveness.So this might be aswell another bogus spec just to pump the price up.

Putting that aside,in my opinion these are the major differences(correct me if i'm missing out something):

1:LED vs LCD? - i've read LED supposedly has more vivid colors and such,but nothing conclusive

2:LG's 1920x1080 vs AOC's 1680x1050 res. - i've read the difference between HD and FullHD is noticeable just on 26inch screens and above.

I guess the dilemma is here is whether is worth sacrificing FullHd for a LED monitor?

What i'll be using it for:
-with XFX Ati radeon 4830 512mb ddr3
-I only play GTA IV and NHL2010
-IPTV ,but no HD package tough
-I don't watch movies,neither DVD or Blu-ray
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  1. "LED" simply refers to the backlight; using LED lamps rather than traditional florescent lamps (CCFL).

    - Allows for thinner monitors if edge lighting is used, but can have issues with backlight uniformity.

    - Uses less power than CCFL
  2. You're right.I was actually researching a little better and i found out that this model is actually LCD WLED (white led backlight),while true led monitors are OLED.Wow,but still most retailers seems to tag this models as just˝LED˝ not ˝LCD˝ or ˝LCD WLED˝.They should get sued for misleading advertising in my opinion.I guess i won't look at that as an edge anymore,so i'll probably opt for the LG W2261VP or the AOC F22+.
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