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I am looking to buy a vintage record player, and am wondering if there are any recommendations? I am a casual Vinyl listener, and am looking for something small (possibly even portable) along the lines of the "suitcase" record player. There are a ton of vintage players out there--and other than the Airliner we had in my grand[arents basement --I have no clue. I already have a great hi-fi pioneer (thanks mom) that is in great shape, and sounds amazing--I really am going for size and please? Would like to not spend more than 200$
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  1. vintage player does not preserve records, it wears them out fast.
    Depends on if you want to preserve vinyl, with a much better turntable...
    If the vinyl does not matter, then any one that sounds the best, or looks the best to YOU.
    Check second hand shop, like Goodwill industries...
  2. Or maybe a new Pioneer or Sony tt with a cartridge? I think Music Hall (very well respected) offers a new tt with a decent cartridge for $250 or so on Amazon. I'm thinking about buying one to replace my old non functioning Thorens. Good luck,
  3. Just bought a new vintage console and need to replace the needle. I called a bunch of places in chicago and they have all said that I need to order them online since it is an old system. I have tried searching online, but I don't know where to start and there are too many choices.

    Here is my console:

    Yes, I did buy it for looks, but I want to be able to use it on some old records (even if they wear out the records- I'm not playing any expensive/rare ones).

    Can someone help me? This is the first time I am changing a record player needle and I thought the stores here in Chicago would be more helpful, but so far, nothing.

    Thank you!

  5. You can get a decent new table for a reasonable price. Music Hall is excellent or
    but he wants a record player not something you need to connect to a system.
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