Why is this printer so cheap? Am i missing something?

Hi all,

Hoping you can help. I'm currently printing via a HP PSC 2115 All-in-one printer which is starting to go wrong. It's time to buy some new ink and am reluctant to incase it breaks shortly after spending money on inks.

Whilst browsing Misco i have found what seems a suitable replacement for £40 delivered.

Whilst comparing specs, i cannot see a great deal of difference, slightly less quality (not massively important to me) and a slightly smaller printer tray. Inks are also cheaper so will most likely pay back the printer over time.

Replacement - F2480 All-in-one

Original HP PSC 2115

Everything else in its class is quite a significant step up price wise.

Surely I’m missing something? Sorry to rush but I’m after quick answers as Misco currently have a cheap 48hr deal on.

Thanking in advanced,


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  1. Usually the cheaper the printer means the more you pay in ink. It depends on how much printing you do. If you are having problems with the printer it's a good idea to replace then buying new ink, because a very good chance that the ink in the old printer will not work on a newer one.

    The ink prices are probably cheaper because they print less pages.

    If you only print in b/w and don't need a scanner, get a cheap laser printer.

    I know this doesn't really help you with your decision but is a good rule of thumb.

    the Prisoner
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