Laptop overcharging in a different country.

Hy all,

plz help in this regard, i'm a techy myself but cudn't get this one figured out yet, here it goes.

I've a notebook HP DV4 (1105em). I've moved recently from Pakistan to New Zealand for my post graduate studies, now in NZ my laptop is overcharging the battery. I've used this thingy for 8 months in PK and never saw the charging light constantly on after 100%, whereas it does remain ON in NZ. Well the battery is genuine (has a wear level of 19%, used everest to find that out), the charger is genuine aswell. And on the charger it's mentioned that 100-240V is supported. Dunno what's the problem here. But definitely there is something wrong.

PLZ help..........i dunt wanna buy a new charger or a battery as here they r way to expensive :(...........

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  1. I'd check that the DC output of the charger matches the figure printed on the cube.
  2. well that won't matter because.......I've tested it in Uni library,computer labs, cafes (overcharging there aswell).......i've tested it at home (still overcharging).........don't know whats going on..........
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    Check the current on your charger and try to find out the current of wall outlets in NZ.

    Power = Voltage * Current -> If your current is higher (and the voltage is the same), then you'll get more power than you need.
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