Increase screen resolution in windows 7

On switching to windows-7 from windows-XP, desktop zize on my sony
cvaio laptop decreased. Please let me know how to increase resoplution to
full screen
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  1. did the acutal resolution i.e. 1024x768 change, just the size of the icons and fonts, or is the entire desktop et. al. not fill the entire physical screen?
  2. I have the maximum resolution f my monitor as 1920x1080 but in the screen resolution chooser doesn't show any option for the required reslution. My computer has Windows 8. This happened when I switched from windows7 to windows 8. Please reply.
  3. Are you sure it is 1080p resolution? Anyway have you installed the display drivers? Without them you won't be able to use the full resolution
  4. Yes, i have done it many a times but, nothing happened. And yes, i am sure it is 1080p.
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