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The reports on Prescott processors chewing up 10-15% more power than expected is one of those things that affect overclockers more than others.

When Intel is talking about 90-100 watts at default, we're looking at 130-140 watts in a typical overclocker setup. If this doesn't concern you, it damn well ought to. For power per cubic centimeter, we're going to see numbers that make the AMD Thunderbirds look cold.

A little known fact about the Pentium IV is that a disproportionate amount of the power it draws, well, leaks. This is a big reason why Intel is so interested in new technologies like strained silicon.

Well, whatever they've done with Prescott to try to reduce the problem isn't working so far. The big problem for Intel isn't the possibility that some current Intel mobo users may not be able to use Prescotts with their boards. It's that Intel has lost control of its process technology: new chips are heating up sooner and faster than they had expected.

If they can't tame this beast, and quickly, it will probably have an adverse affect across the board. It could mean Intel will have to start playing the delay game, and reap bad publicity if the new processors have a habit of overheating or just end up needing too noisy cooling. Remember how big a negative it was for AMD to have its processors called furnaces.

For overclockers, and especially Intel overclockers, who are as likely as not to stick with the retail fan, these heat levels will become bottlenecks.

Something you ought to keep in mind is that Prescott is a two-way transitional chip. It's only supposed to ramp from 3.4-3.8GHz in socket 478, then hang around for a short time as a socket 775 chip until Tejas shows up. for socket 478 was never meant to have a long-life, anyway. It's a transitional

When they do come out, these Prescotts will cost a lot, as you would expect. Even if Intel gets everything under control, and quickly, no Prescott will become affordable until the beginning (if Intel releases lower-speed OEN Prescotts) or spring (if they don't) of 2004.

So even if the problems above all get fixed, you won't get a crack at Prescott for six-nine months, anyway, and if there are problems, you may not want to take a crack.

There's another problem which will affect both AMD and Intel. The CPU isn't the only place where changes are coming.

Not as ROSY for INTELLIOTS as they would have you believe huh?
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  1. even if prescott isn't a super preformer, which I'm still waiting to see, it will drive the price of a 3.0GHz (800MHz) to $275, thats going to put alot of pressure on amd, which doesn't have a processor on the market that can match it.
    have there been any press releases or information on the new amd chip and power consumption/heat. I'm not trying to change the subject or bash amd, but am curious how it will stack up in power consumption
  2. A64 is still a wildcard. It's performance and the date it hits the market will make a huge difference one way or the other.

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  3. As long as the first prescott core revisions perform better than northwood P4s, it really doesn't matter if there's a couple of issues to resolve, as Intel have loads of breathing space to tinker with it.

    Remember AMD's T-bred 'A' core was a bit on the Crap side, and a few minor tweaks suddenly turned it into a great chip. Even if Intel has scaling problems with the new chips, it's not like AMD are right behind them, so they have plenty of room to modify the core.

    A64 is basically a modified Athlon, so I can't see how it can easily escape the problems inherent in the Athlon Core [basically, can't scale much past 2.4-2.5Ghz]... A64 will need to be capable of scaling up to at least 2.8-3Ghz in order to put AMD back where we all want them to be, and I just can't see it happening myself.

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  4. Quote:
    Not as ROSY for INTELLIOTS

    It wouldn't be poopy if this last comment didn't show up. :smile:

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  5. Quote:
    It wouldn't be poopy if...

    Or if the subject WASN'T IN CAPS.... Geez, I hate caps. Hurts my eyeballs. <b>bold</b> or <font color=green>green</font color=green> or <b><i><font color=green>anything</b></i></font color=green> just not the caps, please.... :eek:

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  6. *ROFL* Yeah, these caps are annoying...

    And BTW, Dark_Archonis just reminded us (prescott heat issues thread) that prescott samples have been circulating around ever since november 2002. So what if the 100+W comes from an old engineering sample? Very possible. Intel had forever to correct the problems, mind you, because AMD hasn't been able to compete for some 8 months now.

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  7. That is a very good point...
    But I wouldn't be suprised if an early sample had these problems. I guess we'll just have to wait for them to actually release the damn thing, and see some reviews.... But speculating is fun, all the same....

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  8. AMD hasn't been able to compete since early 2002? Wonder why I got my 1700 that was faster than a 1.8 p4. I wonder what its like to live in a world where the early xp's didnt compete with the early p4's.

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  9. Sorry, I didn't mean that! My original post has been corrected... :smile:

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  10. That article was written by a fake poopy. The last line was the real poopy.
  11. Bought my Scotty 3.4 from New Egg last week. 85 W. End of heat problems. Yes it's a new one not the old ones that are floating around.
  12. I just had a fantastic Idea... Someone track down <b>aMdMeLtDoWn</b> and let's let him 'n' poopy have a 'chat'... That would be amusing.... painful to read, but amusing, none the less.. :lol:

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  13. ROFL what a great idea. How do we find aMdMeLtDoWn?
  14. i called u a INTEL fan boy... not an INTELLIOT.... huge difference. an INTELLIOT refuses to accept anything that is even remotly bad about INTEL... however if a wild ,out of the blue rumour about AMD happens to be bad... then its the gospel truth.

    thats the difference
  15. Me and MELTEDDICK have fought b4... thats nothing new.

    he is the KING of the AMD bashers... but he wont come around now that the PRESCOTT has a new nickname... THE FURNACE... or maybe THE TOASTER... i like the MiCROWAVE myself
  16. Quote:
    i called u a INTEL fan boy...not an INTELLIOT...huge difference.


    No, no, wait, lemme guess: now I should be <i>grateful</i> that you <i>only</i> called me a fanboy, and didn't insult me further?

    Get a grip on yourself, poopy.

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  17. No doubt, find some lube and lossen up boy.
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