Laptop CPU fan, can i run it on a external battery? 9V?

hey guys, i have a alienware laptop, would randomly shut off, being a comp tech i figured out the problem, something has burned out / shorted with the actual molex connection between the laptop and the fan. i wired a 9v to the laptop fan just to see if the fan is ok, it is. spins fine.... this is my question.

can i safetly use a AA or 9V battery to run that fan so i can still use my laptop?

it doesnt give a voltage rating yada yada, so any one able to semi-safetly tell me its ok to run this fan on a 9 volt battery whule my laptop is on?
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  1. As long as the battery isn't wired into the computer directly, I don't see a problem with it. However, with the battery not rigged into computer wiring directly, the fan will stay on, even after shutting off the laptop. Keep in mind, if you wire the battery into the laptop's circuitry, you may be risking an explosion. Have you tried to find a new molex connector?
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