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I have a presario m2000. It is nothing great but the other day i just got this thing up and running again. Put in a new screen, more ram, new hard drive and installed windows 7. Was planning on selling this for some extra cash towards a gaming desktop. So i had it working and had it setting on my bed as i just got done doing some school work and was playing fallout on my desktop. All of a sudden my dog jumps off the bed and the laptop goes flying with him :fou:

I picked it up and noticed the display wasn't working. I was like great, brand new screen shot. I took the screen out and tested it on one of the other laptops and it works great. So i was thinking that it was a bad inverter as i could tell it was already going out screen would get little flickers etc. So i ordered a new inverter installed it and nothing. I unplugged the inverter on another laptop and i don't get any image on my presario not even a dark one like on the other laptops with the inverter unplugged. I have tried hooking it up to many external monitors, HDTV's etc. Nothing... I'm so clueless and mad at this point. I'm thinking its got to be something on the mobo, i don't even know....

ANYBODY got and clues on what i could try? I have no problem tearing this thing apart either. Just want it fixed and gone!
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  1. It could be that the internal gpu was jarred during the fall or something related, i.e. a wire or something came off. It seems like you know what you are doing with laptops, so may be think about opening it up and having a look inside to ensure that everything looks alright. If it does, I suspect that something is amiss with the gpu (intergrated or otherwise).
  2. If something is wrong with the gpu and not a wire, would i have to replace the whole mobo to fix this? Would it be worth fixing, or would i be better off just selling it broken or parting out all the parts? Screen hard drive, and ram are all pretty much brand new. It wouldnt be bad if i could put a better mobo in it with a better GPU thats the only reason i wanted to sell it was because of the GPU. 32mb integrated definitely wasnt cutting it for me. haha
  3. So i took the thing apart and i cant find anything that appears to be wrong with it. Im thinking of just replacing the motherboard. Would this fix my problem forsure? Motherboards for it are only like 50 bucks so that wouldnt be too bad and then i could sell it after that. The only other thing i was thinking of would my hard drive be ok?
  4. HD would be ok. It can withstand a 2 feet drop while running. If the mobo hit the ground on an angle; there maybe a hair line crack. If the gpu is removable, i recommends taken it out and resit it. If you don't notice any major damage, look over with magnified glass. If mobo suffer hair line crack then nothing can be done, but to change out. Ribbon cable or plugs will need to be verified. How much do pay for the screen? 50 bucks for mobo is not bad. If you got the screen for less than 75 bucks. a refurbished unit is around 400. The best you can get out of the used laptop is 250. You make the call.
  5. Okay so after i put the thing back together it seemed to work just fine. It wasn't working at all before i took it apart. While i took it apart i noticed the cpu fan and heat sink were caked with dust. The cooling fins on the heat sink where blocked. I just blew everything off with an air compressor, put it all back together and bam it works now. I have no clue how this could happen. I am on it right now and am going to wait and see how it works for a few days to see how it acts. It just stumps me how that can work like that? Haha well its not a bad thing. After looking at mobo's i found out that it was 50 bucks for the AMD boards and 120 for intel boards, which is what i needed. It needs a new keyboard so if it works fine, great, ill throw a new keyboard on it for 15 bucks and try selling it for $250. Thats just getting my money back from upgrades and not the original purchase. :(

    Thanks for the help guys, anyone have an idea of how dissassembling and reassembling it could fix it? Haha stumps me.
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