Best Printer For 150$ or Less !?

I have an home office and Ideally I would like a printer that :

By order of priority :
- 1. has cheap refill cartdridge
- 2. Is fast ( not necessarily THE FASTEST, but fast enough so that you dont curse at it, I hate printers )
- 3. wireless ( I already have too many wires around and I have a wifi N / G router, so it would be nice to use that )

I do not necessarily need to have a multi-purpose printer, i already have a scanner, although its a bit old and slow and I dont have a telephone land line for fax so I wouldnt be using that feature at all...

I usually like to dig in and learn about different computer component and find the best value for my budget but I find printers extremely boring things to learn about... I hate printers.

Can someone recommend a printer ( or brand at least ) that would be good for my budget ? I can go a little higher if needed, but the cheaper the better has long as it has the features mentioned above.

Thanks !
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  1. I didnt mention If i was looking for laser or inkjet...

    I am not sure yet.... Obviously with my budget a COLOR laser is not an option ( unless there are some crazy deals out there ) ... monochrome laser is ok though I would like to have colors even if it is not a must, it will be handy once in a while... so i'd like to see some inkjet models also.

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