Strange printing issue

Hi all

I am experiencing a problem with a HP Colour Laserjet 3525n in which it prints seemingly random blocks of colour.

I have scanned one of these print outs to show you the problem:

I just cannot figure out what is causing it. It only happens when printing specific wordart's and it only happens with this printer. OPther things are fine like images and text just not word art. I have given up on it now.

if anyone has any ideas i would be most appreciative.

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  1. BUMP

    Someone must have some ideas for this problem!?!?!?
  2. I'm at work, and the image is blocked here, so I'm just blind guessing here. I would start by reinstalling the printer driver, or updating to the newest version.
  3. If your only having the issue with that print and nothing els then you my have a corrupt file. Re do the file and start there. If the printer is printing fine for everythig els then that says your printer is working fine if it is just a file or two then i would look at your file.
  4. it's not the file as it happens with brand new documents. and it only happens with certain types of wordart. nothing else.
  5. Can you explain what the 'certain types of wordart' are?

    Check the manufacturer's website to make sure you have the newest driver.
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