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I just have a quick question .. if i fail to apply thermal paste and start up a new cpu thats never been booted beforer and realize that i didnt apply thermal paste, would that make the cpu unusable or hurt the mobo in any way?
or does it just mean it failed to boot?

.. how teh hell did that happen
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  1. Any CPU should boot fine without any paste at all, but it´ll probably run hot very fast. In most cases the paste only decreases the temperature a bit. You can get quality paste like Arctic Silver though, that´ll make your CPU temp drop quite drastic.

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  2. No, nothing should get hurt. The thermal paste is just meant to help in the heat transfer. As long as you put the heat sink on you should be ok, you can temporarily remove the heat sink to apply thermal paste as soon as convenient. Btw, the heat sink often has a pad or thermal grease/paste on the bottom (you have to remove the protective paper b4 setting it in place).

    It sounds like you have a problem though?

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  3. ok ive learned a lesson .. yes you DO need thermal paste inless you can perfectly position the heatsink onto the cpu without getting any spec of dust or anything of that nature in between .. if you do it will cause the boot to fail no matter. i read it in toms hardware how to part 2 guide ;)

    thanks for your help bunches i got it to work finally
    thanks tom!

    .. how teh hell did that happen
  4. thanks again i thought i had fried the cpu or something
    i went and bought some arctic silver compound and it worked liek a charm .. first time ive seen this machine boot up since i bought it 3 months ago!!!

    thanks again

    .. how teh hell did that happen
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