PS3 with samsung p2450h and hdcp?

i just connected my ps3 with samsung P2450H 34inch 1080p monitor with hdmi to hdmi connection. but so far, the grahic is
craptacular. it looks low res, blurry and blocky (monitor works fine with pc). so i was wondering if it has anything to do with hdcp or what not. after some diggin, i find the dvi is hdcp. but nothing about hdmi being hdcp or not. so does that mean if i use hdmi to dvi to connect the ps3 and monitor, it will give better grahic? or is there any other reason that could have caused this?

here is the official website of the monitor:

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  1. i just tried to connect my pc and monitor using hdmi. how ever it looks blurry even when i set it to native res.(normally i use dvi)
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