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I am considering purchasing this acer laptop from newegg:

Now, I don't like a lot of bloatware and all that junk so after I get it I simply want to reinstall windows 7 home edition etc after a reformat. I see that it does not come with recovery discs though.

1) Does anyone know how much it costs to buy them from acer
2) I read online that you can burn them onto a dvd but will the burn include all the bloatware or just a fresh win7 install.
3) Can I just get a copy of windows 7 from acer? Clearly, I must have a legitimate copy with a cd key and how much does it cost.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations on this process I'd be glad to hear. Yes, I know that if I don't want bloat I can always consider putting a linux distro on it but my dad specifically wants windows 7....

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Most laptops have a hidden partition where the recovery software is located. I believe you can use EASEUS Todo Backup 1.1 to make a copy of it or turn it into a compressed image (as in disk image) file, or break it up into several of them and burn those onto dvds. You understand though that using the recovery program would restore it to the way it was when you bought it. I don't see the necessity of it as long as you have the windows 7 discs.
  2. Using a recovery disc will reinstall all the normal bloatware that comes with the laptop upon arrival. If you plan on buying Windows 7 anyways, that should be good enough for you, and just get the drivers from their website.

    Would Acer provide you with a clean install of windows 7, or just a recovery disc? I know the one I got from Dell was a clean install of XP Pro, and I got separate CDs for all the extra software. (Yay for free CDs when they were charging people $30 for them. :D)
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