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I am trying to fix my friends Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop. It starts to boot buts doesn't get to the Windows screen. It just starts with the Dell logo screen and then says "error auto-sensing internal hard disk drive". I go into the bios and the hard drive is not found there either. I push the F1 key and it then says no boot device available- internal hard drive
no bootable device- strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. Let me know what you think I can do. I've taken the hard drive out and reinstalled it just to see if it was loose. It was preinstalled with the Windows XP software and the drivers so I don't have a disk for it. Thanks, Gary
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  1. If you have access to another computer, download and burn Ultimate Boot CD. Then
    boot your computer with the disk in your CD/DVD drive. It has diagnostic programs to check the status of your hard drive. Could be your drive has bit the dust.
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