Good vocal condencer mic around $150-200

Hi, still new to toms, but i wanted to know if u guys could give me some knowledge on some condencer mics. I have a SUREsm57 mic atm. it works very well, it lacks the push i need.. what i mean is if i try to sing low its very very hard to pick it up. i use a M-AUDIO Moble Pre. I all rdy has phantom power. even if i put the gain on it to max the low vocals still hard to hear... Did some reserch, and i see alot of ppl going twords condencers for voacals. i know some can pick up alot of background noise then some say some other condencer mics are not as bad... i def want to try a condencer mic. i have 100 to 200 to spend if 225 230 ect thats np. i use a closet with foam pads (not the best but it will have to do for now :) ) i use protools and also Magix to edit and record.
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  1. vocals SM58 drums SM57
  2. i used my friends 58 i didnt see a diff... it seem to block more of the pfft and ect but sound was the same.. and the 58 is like a 57 if u un screw the top
    :) but ty for the reply, if you know any good condencer mics around that range plz let me know... ill keep looking and googling too. :)
  3. The world standard is a 57 and a 58. Condenser mics reject background noise.
    You are supposed to sing with your lips right on the top of the microphone. There is no other mic that is going to work better.
  4. U gotta be kidding me... SM57's and 58's are for live work, on a stage... If you want to record vocals a condenser mic is the only way to fly! Check out Røde's range very good vocal mics at a reasonable price... The NT3 is a very cheap mic that can be used for instruments/brass and vocals, remember this is a realativly cheap mic, if you want a mic exclusivly for vocals you're going to have to jack up the price a little the NT1-A, even the NT2-A are worth looking at...

    Then you have the Shure KSM9 but I think you'll find the shure to be a little more expensive....

    remember these are the "cheap" mics... :)

    BTW...NEVER feed phantom power to a cardoid microphone (57/58) real possibility of killing it....
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