8gb ipod nano. does not recognize any mp3 music

was given an ipod nano. it does not recognize any mp3 music i load from my pc (use winamp).
suggestions ? giver of unit unable to assist. -stev
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  1. to my knowledge ipods organize their files in a different way than other portable music devices. instead of having folders such as /music/artist/album/song.mp3 it might have something along the lines of /sjksl/sjlfsl/file.ext which they claim allows for more music per mb on the device.

    drag-dropping or using winamp to upload songs might not work how you want it to. the best way of loading music would be to use itunes. you can set your existing winamp mp3 file library to be your itunes library (and not have any aac file conversions) and then load them to your apple device through itunes.

    i understand if you would rather not use itunes but apple devices can be finnicky about things such as this. overall the itunes program is easy enough to work in.
  2. i thankyou for the response.
    you are correct; drag&drop puts the tunes on the ipod but are not recognized as tunes.
    confirm: i upload the itunes program, make my winamp library the itunes library then load-to-ipod ?
    will there be a problem with continuing to use winamp for these tunes on my pc -or- will i need storage for two sets of music (80gb) ? again, thanx ! -stev
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    when adding tunes to your collection you have an option of either copying them to a new directory or using the existing directory as your itunes library. i know itunes likes to sort items in folders such as this:

    /artist/album/song.ext & /artist/album/albumart.ext

    if your directory is already set up like this (which most are) then it shouldn't modify how your directory is set up. in the settings you can change what file type is default for new music (in case you expand using itunes later).

    no, you shouldnt require additional store, but backing up your collection somehow once in awhile is highly suggested. its not uncommon for hard drives to fail at any time.

    you can play the songs from the same directory. itunes and winamp can share. only the files on the ipod are scrambled, your computer directory is fine.
  4. thanx ssddx, will be trying this fairly soon and advise !
  5. man, what a dance ! once i got the result it seemed simple. not being an apple/i-anything "person", to get there was a very muddled effort. i thank youse a bushel !
  6. i-devices force you to use itunes. apple says it is so they can control the user experience but most technical users consider it restrictive.

    as long as you use itunes to load to your ipod it will play nice.
  7. so i am discovering. --// again, i thankyou !
  8. new question same equipment: how to put photographs on the ipod ? following the manual's directions: itunes/device/photos - all is greyed-out/not responsive.
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  10. actually i've never put photos on my ipod.

    however i would think that adding them via itunes > ipod > photos would be the proper way if you want them to display on the ipod.

    perhaps it has something to do with the type of ipod you have. you say you have an ipod nano. do you mean the older generation with a click wheel or the newer generation with a touch interface? the older ones were about 3" x 1", the new ones are like 1" x 1". maybe the new smaller versions do not support photos. look on your ipod, at the main menu is there a photos> menu item?


    that said, you could put photos (or any file for that matter) on your ipod and use the ipod as a "usb memory stick" by enabling "use this device as a disk drive" in itunes on the main device information window. this will allow you to put files on it and view/add/delete from this directory on any windows pc with a usb port (you need to bring the cable though)

    quite handy, i keep a cable in the car.
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