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Okay everyone I've done lots of researching on the 'net and most links point to this forum (Tom's Hardware) so I read lots of posts and I've filtered down to the top ones and need some guidance.

I'm going from this: (13yr old - CRT Nokia 445Xi Plus 21" monitor which has served me well but is dying slowly). And as most know that for gaming NOTHING beats a CRT. If this monitor were still functional I wouldn't upgrade. So now that I must here are my requirements:

1. Cost - no that big of an issue though anything about $500 I have to make sure it's worth it.
2. Size - going from 21" to 24" tops (no need for bigger).
3. Response - 2ms (ideal)
4. Technology - definitely Twisted Nematic (TN) panel as opposed to IPS (In-Plane Switching).
4. Use - Gaming priority, then surfing the web, and e-mail and gaming. Movies not so much as I'll eventually get a TV for that.

I bought a PC (upgraded from a Dell 450mHz from 13yrs ago) to a Dell XPS 730 w/Windows Vista and all the gaming goodies you can have (next to an Alienware) - Nvidia GTX280 video, SoundBlaster Titanium audio

So the ones (brand-wise) I keep seeing recommended are:

1. Samsung PX2370
2. Dell UltraSharp U2410
3. Asus MS238H or VK266H
4. BenQ V2420H or G2400W

The last one I never heard of (and Asus I thought was Acer). So which models of each brand should I look into? Or is there another option?

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  1. The Dell U2410 has an IPS panel.

    The only monitor that I ever bought in your price range is the Asus VK246H. The Asus VW246H is the same monitor, but without the built-in webcam. See my review:
  2. The Asus VK266H in your post is a 26" monitor.
  3. jaguarskx said:
    The Asus VK266H in your post is a 26" monitor.

    Okay thank you very much for the correction. I will read your review (in-depth) on the Asus. The size is flexible but figured 24" is a little bigger than 21 but not too big (say 31"). But if a 26" is great then I would consider it.

    So my question jaguar is, am I close to my findings in terms of a great monitor for gaming in terms of brand (i.e. Asus, Samsung). Have you heard of BenQ?
  4. jaguarskx said:
    The Dell U2410 has an IPS panel.

    The only monitor that I ever bought in your price range is the Asus VK246H. The Asus VW246H is the same monitor, but without the built-in webcam. See my review:

    Just read your review and here's the comments (unadulterated) that I appreciated the most:

    "however for the most part I think 1 to 3 frames of lag should be acceptable to most average gamers for first person shooters. True hardcore gamers who want zero input lag should stick with CRTs.

    Overall, playing games on this monitor is very enjoyable. However, I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer since 32ms of lag does not bother me and the fact that I do not use a mouse specifically designed for gaming.

    When I purchased my PC, the intent was solely to start to get back into gaming (and I don't have to buy a separate gaming console such as an Xbox or PS3 or Nintendo). That way it serves the dual purpose of surfing the web, e-mail, occassional movie but mostly for true FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo, etc... I am SO used to the zero lag of my old Nokia 445Xi Plus CRT monitor that I would be annoyed if the perceived lag of 1 to 3 frames would bother me. Am I hardcore? I would say I'm between the casual gamer and hardcore. And yes I do use the mouse that I have to swing back and forth (say if I'm looking down the scope of a rifle to aim) so that's important.

    So I'm still debating but I can now think about getting a cheaply priced CRT monitor since it's only for the PC. For watching TV definitely a flat planel monitor is my next purchase.

    Now my question is, the IPS monitor that you have (NEC) is the difference in lag comparable to this TN flat panel monitor from ASUS?

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    All LCD monitors will have some level of input lag, it is simply a limitation of the technology. TN panels generally have less input lag than *VA and IPS because they basically have less colors to produce. TN panels can only truly create 256k colors while *VA and IPS can truly produce 16.7m colors. I believe I stated in my review that TN panel monitor use temporal dithering to "blend" up to almost 16.7m colors.

    My NEC 2690WUXi has somewhat high input lag (32ms or 2 frames) because the monitor actually has internal electronics that does some video processing to improve image quality. It's a monitor for graphics professionals after all. Most consumer level monitors do not have this ability unless people are will to drop another $300 - $400 on top of the cost of the monitor for those advance features. This particular monitor is no longer in production. I paid $1,300 for it back in 2007.

    The Asus VK246H (VW246H as well) has input lag of 2ms or 1/8 frame of lag.

    About 7 month after purchasing the Asus, I bought another IPS panel monitor, the 26" Planar PX2611w for just under $800. Basically it uses the same H-IPS panel as in the NEC, but it lacks all the extra internal video processing electronics of the NEC. As a result it's input lag is 8ms or 1/4 that of the NEC.

    I have notice the difference in input between the NEC and Asus monitors. It probably takes a few minutes to adjust my reaction times when switching between the two monitors while I was testing out the Asus.

    If color accuracy is not high on your list then the Asus will be fine for you.

    If you wanna watch movies as well as play games and do some photo editing with color accuracy (after the monitor is calibrated) then you may wanna consider an IPS monitor. Not necessarily the ones I have. To put it bluntly my two monitors costs more than my PC; the NEC alone costs more than the cost of my primary PC.

    You may want to consider the Dell U2311H which is currently on sale for $269 ($299 normally). Here's a review:

    For some more money can get you the HP ZR24W:
  6. The only thing about buying a CRT monitor is that you will not be able to buy a wide screen CRT monitor.
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