OK really CONFUSED and need HELP

so anyway i just bought the logitech z5500 5.1 system
anyway i am trying to connect my pc,ps3 and 360
so first question does the three color cable even give the 5.1 signal to the speakers or what
i cant use the green,black and orange cable for my pc because i already have a headset connected
i want to connect my pc by optical (first choice) i am using a onboard card with optical and digital coalixal output so will this give me 5.1 or is it a wast to use optical cable on this
second i have this TV sony bravia xbr6 37'' FULL-HD it has 4 hdmi inputs and no optical input but it does have one optical output now my assumption is that optical outpt get the sound from my tv (is this real 5.1 signals) or what.
so if i connect my pc with optical and use this to connect my optic out on my tv to the speakers with coalixal
is this setup going to give me true 5.1 from both consols and pc.

second when i use my tv's output and turn the tv volume down nothing would be on the speakers that is getting signal from tv's output
how do i fix that the only way to get sound from tv out is to turn the tv volume up to but then what would be the point.
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  1. the logitech-z system, like all pc speakers, are meant to be hooked up to a pc. this is why they have the special 90 degree color coded plugs which match up to the color coded socket on your backplate. a headset should be hooked up to the headphones socket and not one of those three.

    since computer speakers have a different cable arrangement then normal speakers connection to a tv, xbox360 and ps3 might be difficult. are the only outputs on the speakers those three wires? (my old logitech had just those three).

    typical theatre speakers have plugs for each channel (two channels per speaker). pc speaker connections only have 3 plugs for 5 speakers and the sub. this is where the difficulty lies. i'm not sure if there is any kind of adapter for that (or even if it would even be a good solution). sound could always be routed through your powered on pc, but that would be wasteful.

    there is a setting in your tvs OSD to turn the internal speakers to "off"

    if you were to ask the best way to connect a ps3, pc, xbox360, monitor & speakers then i would have said to invest in an a/v receiver and a set of theatre speakers. they might cost a little more than the z5500 but the interfacing could be done in literally minutes. if you haven't owned the speakers for long maybe this is still an available option.
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