New rig and CPU is reading lower than what it is

I just put a machine together today with an ECS K7S5A PRO motherboard and an AMD Athlon 1800. But when I look under System Properties, it is reading that I have a AMD Athlon Processor 1.15 GHz. Why is it reading this so low?

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  1. Go into your bios and make sure that the fsb is set to 133mhz instead of 100. That would be my first check.
  2. Thanks, I tried that and it went up to 1.53. Should I try bumping it up from 133 to 166? Also, what should my DRAM frequency by set at? Same as CPU?

  3. He's right, your CPU is supposed to run at 11.5x133.3MHz. That's 1533MHz, which is the speed for the 1800+. Right now, you're running at 11.5x100MHz, which is 1150MHz. Change the bus speed in BIOS from 100 to 133.

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  4. Set your ram to 133. This is in sync with your fsb speed, and with the sis chipset you will get best performance that way.
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