Dell S2209W flicker issure

I am new to this forums and I hope this post is in the right spot. So here is my issue I have just bought a refurbished Asus G60VX With GTX 260m Graphics chip, when I connect it to a dell S2209W monitor tough the VGA port and play high rez video or World of warcraft at 1920X1080 there is like this refresh issues. it like a horizontal line that is a lighter color of what I am looking at going down the screen. I don't see this issue with it connected to my desktop which has a gts250 card in it connected via the DVI port. I have tried adjusting the refresh rate lowing the res on my laptop and none of this fixes the issue. Any suggestions?

Thank you
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  1. Maybe you need a better quality VGA cable. What about playing at lower resolution like 1680 x 1050? Do you still get the same result?
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