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hello , recently bought a toshiba lcd tv and cannot get the component video input to work . i have gone into the tv setting and changed the appropriate setting and all i can figure is that my tv inputs don't work or that my source don't work . kind of a bummer because none of my other gear has hdmi connections and this tv only has a total 4 inputs and two are hdmi . which makes wonder , if i bought a new av receiver what are the chances that i could connect my non hdmi devices through it to my tv through a hdmi cord . thank you in advance for any one with any helpful insight to my problem
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  1. First is to make sure your source is set to output component video and not composite. Make sure cables are working. If that doesn't work then connecting both composite and component then check your tv which of th two has the feed, then set it to right properties.
  2. I would make sure your cables aren't hooked up to the input at the source. also make sure the component input you plugging into the tv isnt a component composite combo port if it is you might have to set it to component as most of those ports are set to composite by default.
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