How to play mp3 player threw computer?

So i have a PSP and want to play it threw my stereo, problem is i have my computer conected to the stereo and every time i want to plug the PSP i have to go back and unplug the computer audio.

I was wondering if i could connect any MP3 with a 3.5mm jack threw the line in or microphone jack and play it out of the headphone audio on the computer
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    most stereo systems have a single "line-in" jack in addition to the standard inputs. this would be the most ideal way to connect your mp3 player.

    you could play your mp3 device through your computer but that would require your computer to be on every time you want to listen to music as well as a "line-in" port. the mic-in might work but normally this doesn't play over the speakers unless a program tells it to.

    if you are already using the line in port on your stereo you could always put a splitter cable there. this wouldn't require any unplugging then.
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