Screen cut off around the edges

Just purchased a 46inch sony (kdl-46ex720) and went to set it up, but the edges of the screen are cut off. To clarify, i am using this as a monitor along with a second TV (720p LG TV).

Was looking around in the screen resolutions options and couldn't find anything regarding this. I have a 6870 so if CCC has any options that could adjust the screen size that would be great!

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  1. I'm also having trouble getting audio from my comp to the TV's speaker, which hasn't been an issue in the past. It's through HDMI and i have a realtek board.
  2. Was able to fix the audio with a few setting changes, and i am able to fix the cut off issue, but it reoccurs on startup or when switching from different inputs in the tv
  3. Your probably fixing the issue by resizing the screen through the graphics cards firmware which actually makes a custom resolution on the screen so that you can view the entire image, but there is a setting on most newer TV's called over scan which basically cuts the edges of the screen off for broadcast television but with a digital connection its not necessary. If you turn that off in the tv settings or if you put the screen format to pixle by pixle it should resolve the issue permanently. then you can set it back to normal 1920x 1080i
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