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So I just got a brand new 55" Sony Bravia NX720, and my only hook up at this time is a Sony PS3 (I dont have and Hulu are good enough). The issue I'm currently trying to find something to replace the stock speakers as this TV has the worst speakers ever, and this TV only allows me to send audio through a black audio jack, or HDMI. It does not have the normal red/white audio jacks for audio which all the sound systems I have looked at seem to use. So I'm hoping some one could help me find a product for preferably around 100$ (to 150$ max) that would work for my situation. Or fill me in on how to make those normal jacks work. I'm a noob.
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    it looks like you have a port that says audio out its a headphone jack. If you have a speaker system that uses the red and white connector cables(composite) then all you need is a headphone to composite y-splitter. which are about a dollar at the most here
  2. Damn i actually have one of those that just came with a newegg purchase, dunno why i didnt think of that, Thanks for heads up. Cant believe im that dumb lol.
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