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I don't know if this is technically home audio orientated, but since it's still an audio problem I thought this might be acceptable.

Anyway, the left and right speakers on my headphones are swapped around, as in sounds that should be playing from the right speaker are coming from the left and vice-versa.
I can't simply turn the headphones around as the mic is designed to be on the left side and the set only fits properly one way.
Any quick fixes out there for me?
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  1. googled and common sense answers:

    did you check your audio software to see if there is a way to reverse the channels?

    if you have multiple options in bios (ex. ac97 or hdaudio) then try swapping.

    reverse the wires on the connector going from the audio port to your motherboard. if the cable has a choice between the large block or individual blocks use the individuals and match them up correctly.

    reverse the wires on your headphones by splicing.

    use the rear audio port instead.

    cut the end off your headphones and reverse the wires using one of those 3.5mm plugs that you can wire yourself.


    either the headset is wired wrong, the computer connections are reversed, or your motherboard has things labeled in reverse. personally i'd fix the cable coming out of the computer and leave the computer side alone unless you test to see if it is the culprit or not.
  2. Yeah, I checked my audio software.
    No such luck in finding anything myself, which is why I brought the question here.
    All to often I can't find something my self and a more intelligent/knowledgable individual points me in the right direction.
    So I'll be sure to check the bios.

    I'll be getting a logitech g35 headset this arfternoon anyway, and hopefully I won't have any such troubles with it.
    If I do though I'll be sure to try your suggestions...Except for the splicing idea due to the fact it is a usb device. (also because it's $120 and I don't want to ruin it)
  3. if its a usb device you might not have any issues with it.

    if you didnt want to spend the money you could try my suggestions first. you could make up a short cable and avoid any cutting if you wanted.
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