PC to Onkyo Reciver via HDMI on Asus Nvidia Video card

I have my computer hooked into my receiver via an HDMI cable and am only getting stereo to the receiver. I have played with the settings and found where to test 7.1 but no sound with 7.1 only get sound with stereo setting. Is it possible that the cheap 50ft HDMI cable I purchased only passes stereo through it? or is it the drivers on my sound card?
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  1. connected via hdmi-to-hdmi or dvi-to-hdmi from the video card is my guess?

    i'm not entirely sure but i think your soundcard is bypassed and the receiver does all the decoding. windows settings and speaker tests do seem to work though. make sure that the receiver is the default device and i'd set everything to defaults again to start off. you shouldnt have an option to choose the number of speakers. you might want to program the number of speakers into your receiver though if it isnt done already.

    try testing with a surround sound movie. windows sounds and music are stereo only.

    i can tell you for a fact that i'm connected (dvi-to-hdmi) in the same way and i get perfect 5.1 sound.

    oh and do make sure your receiver is on a surround sound mode and not "stereo" as this will cause the effect as well.
  2. I am connected HDMI-to-HDMI... would that be causing my problem? I was reading in this form... http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=186862&st=0 .... and it seems allot of people are having this problem. It seems that people have fixed this problem by switching something to do with EDID on your receiver and I am not seeing anything in my Onkyo HT-R990 that can do that. Should I just run video through HDMI and go with digital Optical cable... I would rather just find a fix and go with one hdmi cable.
  3. I tried doing DVI-to-HDMI and same problem only 2 channel sound
  4. Home theater in a boxes are tricky. There's not a lot of adjustability. My recommendation is to run an optical cable to the system at least then you'll know it will play the highest quality one can get out of ones computer. If you don't have that then i would make sure your outputting digital from the computer rather than analog. But it sounds like you have drivers at least setup.
  5. mine worked fine without adjusting any settings.

    i'm using a pioneer vsx-30 receiver, an evga gtx470 and the supplied dvi-to-hdmi cable that came with the video card.

    i've heard that with some types of dvi-to-hdmi there are issues where it will not work.
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