I can't wirelessly connect to my router


Well, I have a Satellite I355D-S7825.
I checked under Device Manager and I only see the local ethernet connection I'm using, and it won't wirelessly connect anymore...I'm not sure what to do, or what driver to update or how. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. did you turn on/enable the wireless network card?

    is there anything listed under Other Devices in the device manager?
  2. There are is no Other Devices in the device manager, and my wireless is already on, but the light is off and the only option I get under Network Adapters on device manager is the ethernet connection which only allows to disable.
  3. see if there is a Fn+Funtion Key combo to enable the wifi.

    some of the new laptops have a software installed to enable wifi and/or Blue-tooth
  4. I don't think that's the problem, I move the switch and the light doesn't turn on. I tried the combination to turn it on and nothing happened.
  5. sounds like you have an issue with the switch since usually a little blue LED should turn on
  6. It's been on, and even if it was an issue it should have been able to have been fixed in the device manager. Is there not another device that is supposed to be under network adapters?
  7. the little switch on the side of the computer turns on power to the wireless network card.

    if there is no power to the network card the computer will not find the wireless network card and therefore it will not show in the device manager
  8. Hm, so you believe the switch is malfunctioning and that is why the the wireless network card is seen...is there anything I can do to turn it on on my computer? It is a somewhat old laptop, and I've had an issue like this before...about a year ago but I just don't remember what was done to fix it. I had to disable an adapter and reinstall....? Or disable and restart.
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