My laptop doesn't detect an external microphone

Hello, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SR 490 DEB laptop.
When I connect an external microphone, it is not detected. In the sound manager-->Recording , it says "No audio devices are detected."
Can anyone help me, please?!?! =]

P.S. At first I thought the problem is with my microphone, but it's not. Because I checked it with another computer and it worked. By the way, I had used a microphone with my laptop about a month after I bought it, and it worked with no problems.

I appreciate your help in advance. =)
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  1. microphone is not usb. There is nothing to detect. there's no driver to install.
    The port on the other hand is a hardware in the pc. If it doesn't work, go to the source and verify. Device Manager under sound-make sure is some sort sound device. Update the driver for your laptop-there may be a update to fix it. If the laptop wasn't subjected to physical damage then go back to manufacture for an update.
  2. Thanks.....I got it fixed! =]
  3. Loulou21 said:
    Thanks.....I got it fixed! =]

    What did you do to get it fixed?
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