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Hey guys ,my laptop screen is broken so im running my external Monitor. The problem is I cant run my external monitor as the primary. I have tried all the usual stuff, Fn-f6 to disable the laptop screen then set the external monitor as primary etc etc. when im in display settings i can see both monitors labeled 1 and 2, 1 being the laptop monitor and 2 being my external. When i select the number 2 monitor there are options below to set it as Primary which would be great if they were selectable.
They are grayed out and i cannot select thoes options.

I used to use ATI Catalist control center whcih let me set me external as primary but i can no longer find a download for CCC that works with my graphics adaptor ( Radeon Xpress 1100)

If anyone has any ideas that would be Awesome. Is there a similar program to CCC that could work for this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. press Fn-f6 repeatedly should scroll through the many option for the monitors. Press once with put in clone, twice with turn off laptop. third time with turn off external.

    You can physical remove the ribbon cable to the laptop monitor, so the PC dont detect that there is a monitor hook up.
  2. twice will turn off laptop's monitor
  3. Hi there , thx for the reply, unfortunetly on my laptop hitting Fn-f6 repeatedly just turns the laptop screen on and off. if the laptops screen is off it makes no difference, i still cant change any settings. :(
  4. model and make of laptop?
  5. Acer Aspire 5100
  6. Check the VGA monitor cable to be sure that it is connected or replace it with another one. Your graphics adapter or laptop system board could be starting to fail. Also, use a notebook cooling pad and air to clean out any dust that could cause overheating problems.
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