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  1. did you wake up this morning and say

    "hmmm i feel like being all on POPE's dick today"
  2. no just thought everyone on this board should see your homepage.
  3. umm, why cs game server -
  4. man, you're a dickhead...

    Long live Intel!

    From the know!
  5. is this really his homepage or did you just make that up...cause if thats really your home page...EWWW!

    3 386DX-25's...12 volts...glue some ln2 and a wicked amount of overclocking and you get a willamantee minus 36 pins, 33.75 million transistors and a couple hundred mhz... :cool:
  6. some dude made it when the forum was at delphi.
  7. All I have to say is...

    <font color=white><b>_________________________________________________</font color=white></b>
    Armadillo<font color=orange>[</font color=orange><font color=green>TcC</font color=green><font color=orange>]</font color=orange> at Lanwar and MML
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