Best i7 laptop for 1000 dollars

which is the best notebook for $1K with i7 720QM processor 4 GB ram 16' screen. Also i want global warrenty for laptop.

the one's i like are

Asus N61Jq-A1
Lenovo Y550P 324156U
any other suggestions are invited

i dont like toshiba, acer and hp.

i think i am leaning towards asus as it has very good graphic card and usb 3.0 support are after sales service of asus good ?

i just had a look a dell studio xps 1645.
The spec look similar to what i need.
how does it stand against other (especially asus).
Also does it have global warrent like asus,because i do need global warrenty.
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  1. get the asus... it seems to be pretty powerfull. with that ati card;it will move everything!!!
  2. Sales service varies on a case-by-case basis. Some customers have received very prompt service. Others have had to wait months to get a system shipped back from repairs. I do think that Asus has really good quality overall with their laptops. I give the Asus +1 to whatever the vote tally is.

    Off-topic: Is Dell the only one that offers in-home service for their systems? oO"
  3. Don't touch the HP i7 laptops.

    While researching my options with a burned out nVidia dv6000 issue, I also came across a class action against HP for some issues with their newer i7 unit.

    I was not concerned, as I already crossed HP off my vendors list after this fiasco.

    Do due diligence with any HP Pavilion series & others.

    I've had great customer service & warranty experience with ASUS motherboards... so my next laptops will be a couple of ASUS (used on location photography).

    -= CB =-
  4. I really hope you have not bought your computer yet

    I am using my dell 1557 (15 incher, i7 1.6ghz, 4gb 1333mhz, 512 hd4570 by radeon)

    sitting ontop of a laptop cooler it is now idling at 90 degrees celcius

    I am using firefox, listening to music, and installing counter strike

    as you will learn either the easy way or the hard way, i7 apparently are not meant to be put in laptops

    I mean, the heatsink HAS to be so small, it CANNOT cool this cpu

    my core2duo in my desktop with zalman heatsink idles at like 20 C , while these i7 desktops are idling at not lower than 50, transfer than into a laptop....

    without a laptop cooler this computer is not usable, as in it will auto shutoff and not turn on until it has cooled down, also shortening the life span of the laptop every time

    and also running so hot will shorten the lifespan, its like an engine that someone always drives at higher rpm's, its just bad in the long run

    my advice, if you are doing cpu/gpu intensive tasks, just get a desktop

    if you HAVE to get a laptop for the mobility, just save yourself the time and hassle and wasted money and get a core2duo with 6gb of ram and a decent gpu

    laptops are not meant to be powerhouses

    or just get a macbook cuz this windows 7 compared to snow leopard is horrendous


    YES these computer look really good ON PAPER, I was like what?!!!? i7?!?!! 1 thousand?!??! 512 RAM GPU?!?!?!!? THIS IS BETTER THAN MY DESKTOP

    and I bought it, and am now currently regretting it, I am gonna have to send in to dell (dell is a business solutions company, not a home solution company so don't buy one unless your buyin over 500 units ontop of 100 printers) and get a "refurbished" one, which is more likely than not going to have the same exact problem

    most of these people just read the specs and, yes on paper, these laptops look dope.

    but the real thing is very different, this heating is ridiculous, I can't use this laptop without a cooler, essentially making it a desktop (it is actually not THAT big of a hassle, I can move it from one room to another, but if I need to travel, out of the question)

    I read once on a forum , never really looked into it, that the sony vaio has no known heating issues.....yet... so if you have to have an i7...............

    just remember in 6 months there gonna be a laptop twice as fast for the same price and all the issues fixed

    so just get the core2duo decent laptop, reliable, no issues, don't have to stress

    now my cpu is idling at 76 C cuz the counter strike finished downloading

    without a cpu cooler it would have fried already


    please listen to me, or try out the vaio and tell me how it is
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