Need Help With Big Speakers and Reciever

I have 4 BIG cabinet speakers. I don't know how to hook anything up and i've tried doing research for a bit and i cant come across anything that helps me. Please help me out here!

I'm not hooking these up to a DVD/VCR Player, or a TV, or anything like that. Only my computer, and my phone or a type of MP3 player.

I dont know what to hook these up to. Got two big speakers from a friend, and another two in front of someones house listed "FREE" with the reciever and a small center speaker too.

Models of the big cabinet speakers: Technics SB-2845(2 of these), Klipsch KG4.5(2 of these)
Center(i think its called center): Sony SS-CN290
Receiver: Aiwa AV-D57

How can i hook this all up? If it is impossible to do so, how much would the 4 big cabinet speakers and the 1 center speaker and the receiver sell for?
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  1. Now i cant figure out how to turn on the receiver, LED standby light is on but the thing wont turn on. Hit it like 4 times and pressed the on button and other buttons too but no luck.
  2. the technics speakers are 200 watts @ 8 ohms *music* (meaning the speakers can handle 200 watts of short bursts, not 200 watts of dynamic/constant power)
    if you run these speakers with 200 watts, the chance that they blow is much higher.
    RMS means 'average' .. including dynamics (loud and soft sounds = small cone movement and large cone movements)
    i would cut that number in half to start searching for a safe 'average' rating, but it could be less.

    the klipsch speakers are 100 watts @ 8ohms (500 watts peak)

    the sony center channel is 120 watts @ 8ohms

    with that said, the aiwa amplifier @ 70 watts per channel should be enough to produce acceptable power for these speakers.
    but if the receiver isnt working anymore, you need to look at reparing the aiwa or purchasing a new receiver.

    to start, you simply connect the red speaker input to the red input on the receiver.
    if the bass is severely lacking, that means one of the pairs of speakers has the red and black speaker inputs backwards.

    i would suggest you compare the technics and the klipsch to learn which one is louder at the same exact volume.
    whichever one is quieter, i would use that one for the rear surround speakers.. because you dont want speakers close to your ears screaming louder than the front speakers (ruins the surround sound effect when one set of speakers are drowning out another set)

    recently, i have had exceptionally good results with the front two speakers pointed inwards to almost the center of the room .. with the rear speakers also pointed inwards to the center of the room.
    i have all my speakers pointed at my computer seat.. and that is about 1ft forward than the absolute middle of the room measurement.
    when i decide to watch television, i use the chair resting on the back wall.
    most people point the rear speakers directly at the listening position, but i was watching 'fringe' last night and kept the rear speakers pointed towards the center position described above.
    there was thunder from the sky and i was listening to the rear speakers combine with the front speakers, as the entire assembly left me in awe from the spacious 3D depth.

    does it work good like that every time?
    i dont know, i just recently started using the chair to watch television.
    i've been watching television in the computer chair for about a year.

    since the speakers only require a simple twist, i would recommend you try it.
    my front speakers are in each corner of the room in front of me.. and it is always recommended to have the front speakers far apart to obtain the wide stereo effect for spacious 3D effects.
    one surround speaker is in the corner of the room.. but the other rear speaker is about the same distance away from the computer chair listening position.
    meaning.. one speaker is in the corner and the other speaker is about 2-3ft away from the chair along the wall.

    what i heard, the thunder was in the center.. it was on the walls to the side.. it was surrounding me about as much as i could expect considering there was a wall directly behind me.

    i dont have a center channel speaker.. so when i sit in the computer chair and watch television.. the vocals are spacious (more spacious than i would like, because it sounds like the sounds are coming from the left and right with a dip in amplitude in the middle)
    but when i sit in the chair, the severely seperated vocals from the left and right speakers are less.

    once the speakers are connected, you want to look for a way to control the volume of each speaker (or the rear speakers and center channel at least)
    they should all sound the same level of loudness in the listening position.
    when i am in the computer chair, i can lower the rear speakers because they are pointed directly at me.
    but when i am in the chair along the wall.. i have to raise the rear speakers 3 or 4 notches up so i can hear them because they are pointed somewhat forward instead of pointing directly at me.

    it felt like i was in the dolby chair seen in the dolby sound commercial .. where the guy gets blown in the chair.
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