I have formatted my macbook and installed windows 7. how can i reinstall my os x

while trying to install windows 7 on a separate partition on my macbook pro, i somehow managed to format the whole hdd, then i went on and installed the windows. now i need to get back my os x (the mac didn't come with a boot cd). any ideas?
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  1. go to an apple store.
  2. okay, thanks rgd1101. any other suggestions? i'd rather that be a last resort.
  3. I'm not a mac person but I have heard of a thing called boot camp which allows you to run Windows on a mac. But to me it sounded like you have the mac software installed first and then you install the boot camp and that allwows you to install Winows.
  4. "go to an apple store."

    LOL... Why bother to put osx on it again? Because a little fairy told you it was better and a magical experience? Yet you just happened to need windows 7. OMG, I'm in stitches! "the mac didn't come with a boot cd", even funnier. Of course apple wants to meet you at that "genius bar".
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