Computer Speakers with Toshiba 26SL400U

Hey all, hope you can help with the following:
Trying to connect computer speakers to a Toshiba 26SL400U TV. There is no headphone jack, all I see is a PC/HDMI 1 (Audio) jack, but no sound comes out when I plug the speakers in there. Any thoughts? Is this even possible?
The reason I'm doing this is that the sound quality of the TV is very poor.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

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  1. instead of trying to connect speakers to your tv, disable the speakers on your tv via the menu and instead hook speakers up to your source (dvd player? cable box?)

    what will probably work is a splitter that takes the left audio and right audio rca jacks and combines them into one 3.5mm jack. just connect the rca plugs into the audio outputs on your source.
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