Start menu search won't find certain programs

When using the search function from the start menu in Win 7 only apps from my C drive show up. Any programs installed on my other drives I can only find manually. Is there any way to force Windows to search all drives with the built in options? I can not find any solution by googling it which seems unusual to me so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Maybe you have to start the search with the drive letter and ;/
  2. check your indexing settings. The problem is the more you index, the bigger the index file, the slower the search can end up being.

    Do these programs have a entry in the start menu to begin with? that in it self should get them indexed. You may need to rebuild the Index from the indexing options->Advanced page(you can start search for index to find it).
  3. If you have turned off indexing then that could be a reason for them to not be showing up in your search.
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