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Dell Studio XPS Desktop 435T/9000 64 bit windows 7. My USB ports have stopped working when I plug in a flash drive I get This in the device manager USB mass storage device cannot start. (Code 10). This happens on all three on top of computer and one that is free in the back. The flash drives work on my other computer. I have tried to update the drivers says they are upto date. What can I try? Any suggestions? Thanks Jim
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  1. Looks like you disabled the driver at some point.
    1.Click on the start pearl.
    2. Click on control panel
    3.Click on system and security.
    4. Click on device manager.
    5. Click on universal serial bus controllers
    6.Check none are disabled by right clicking on each, if it can be enabled do so.
  2. may be the usb port too low voltage
  3. They are enabled. I disabled them then enabled just to make sure. When I plug in the flash drive a yellow triangle comes up on the usb port in device manager . I unplug it and it goes off. How can I chevk the voltage? Why would I all of a sudden loose the voltage? How do I check the voltage and what should it be? Does this have something to do with the mother board? Thanks for your help
  4. haska said:
    may be the usb port too low voltage
    Are you saying that I should use this tool below that was at the bottom of your reply? Is this supposed to help the voltage or what? Thanks for your reply
    Download Free partition manager software MiniAide Fat32 Formatter
    Home Edition http://www.fat-32-formatter.com/?9
  5. I just did a little test and was shocked to find that my usb ports will run printer and not flash drives? Does this help diagnose the problem? Jim
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