Find missing drivers windows 7

Using w7 home premium 64bit I have


I am missing


I am getting literally thousands of the following error messages continuously in my boot log.

"Did not load driver \SystemRoot\SysWow64\drivers\NPF.sys"

npf.sys also does not appear in \syswow64\drivers at all
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  1. If you are missing all those files then you need to install Windows again or you have a pirated copy of Windows and all the files were not copied onto it.
  2. I solved this problem by installing winpcap software. This software contains the NPF.sys driver. This solves the problem. I could not find out if NPF.sys was a Windows 7 default driver. It was never on my system and it was not loaded from counterfeit software unless Tigerdirect is now selling counterfeit software. I had previously posed this same question on several other forums and was given basically the same answer everywhere. So I still do not know if NPF.sys is installed on other versions of windows 7 software and just not on w7home premium OEM.

    This is the best answer I have found
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