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could someone tell me please what the default mult is for this cpu, I think it's 9.

Also I am getting an ASRock K7S8X mobo which you can't change the mult and VCore on. I'd like to run the cpu at 10 * 200, do you think that mobo will be able to do that?

Do you think that would work on the stock VCore?

Does anyone know how I would mod the cpu to default at 10x mult. If you have a table with all the different ways to change different mults that would be useful too.


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  1. the multi is 11x (11 x 166 = 1833 (about))

    you will probably be able to hit 2.2ghz with just about any may need a tad more vcore...but nothing extraordinary..

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  2. The nice thing about Barton XP2500+ is it's just like Tbred XP1700+. Both use 11x multiplier and both have all the L3 bridges connected. All you have to do is cut the right ones.

    See Tbred (and Barton) painting guide. (Wait for the overlay).

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    The XP2500+ L3 bridges look like this.

    L3 |||||

    To make the default 10x change them to this

    L3 |:::|


    You can change the multiplier with wire mods.

    If you start with an 11x processor connect each of pins AL27 (1x), AN25 (2x), AL25 (4x) to an appropriate Vcc (VCore) pin.

    If you are going to be trying more than one multiplier I'd go with the wire mods vs bridge mods.

    If you are really ambitious you can solder a pair of DIP switch blocks to the corresponding pins on the backside motherboard. You need one bank to be able to pull each multiplier bit HI (connect to Vcc) and one bank to pull LO (connect to Vss). With this you can set multipliers at will.

    For voltage

    You can connect all the L11 bridges (don't forget to fill the trenches) to give you 1.85 volt


    You can do wire mods for the same effect but you are still limited to 1.85 volt max.

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  3. Can definitely rely on you when it comes to cpu modding thanks for the info dude.

    OK a question then, which might save me from all the hassle of modding the chip. if we set 200MHz FSB in the bios with everything else default, VCore mult, do you think the machine will run fine? The mobo'll be an ASROCK K7S8X-E (it supports DDR 400 officially).

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  4. The K7S8X can also run DDR400 unofficially.

    I'd wait a month as the Rev3 boards are coming out and they feature HybridBoosting which allows for overclocking features. See the Asrock website for more information.

    I'm running the K7S8XE (and wishing i'd waited a bit longer to get the HybridBooster technology ;)) and it's a great board. Especially for what you pay! Not had a single problem with it so far. No crashes or anything "it's as solid AsRock" ho ho ho ;)

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  5. "it's as solid AsRock"

    LOL nice one.

    OK sigh, what if next month, another board comes out which is even better value than the HybridBoosting one, but an announcement on their website says that a rev 2 will be even better but that'll be another month's wait :( Unfortunately it's always like that :(

    Oh well I guess I'm off to their website now to check it out. Do you know what the main differences between K7S8X and the 'E' version are?

    What CPU are u running? Would I be able to runa barton at 200 fsb taking into account that there's no voltage increase setting?

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  6. I can't say what the capabilities will be. 11 x 200 should be well with the capabilities of the Barton XP2500+ but the question is what are the true capabilities of SIS 746FX/748 (I think the latter is the chipset of K7S8XE while the former is in K7S8X).

    How are the reviews? How well does the board handle various brands DDR 400? Has 400 MHz FSB been confirmed by the reviewers?

    I ask only because I haven't read much about the K7S8X or ASRock.

    I do doubt that Barton XP2500+ will run at 2.2 Ghz on default voltage. I think you will need at least a small voltage bump. Though, you never know. It's definitely worth it to try before mod'ing. If it doesn't work then mod the voltage and if that doesn't work mod the multiplier too.

    I kind of lean toward superspa's idea. Wait a little longer.

    I mean, if the manufacturer chose not to add overclocking options perhaps the board/chipset/revision isn't really suitable for overclocking.

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  7. I have an update!

    I just saw <A HREF=",20617," target="_new">this announcement of a DFI SiS 748 board with BIOS overclocking :tongue: ptions</A> at

    Perhaps you don't have to wait very long for something better than ASRock K7S8X-E.

    I like mobos that have the CPU socket set east/west instead of north/south. The exhaust air of the former blow directly at the northbridge. Means that it is possible to stick with passive cooling of the northbridge even when overclocking. Might need a bigger heatsink, though.


    ...with chipset overvolting. Now we're talking! Let's hope the price is low!

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  8. I guess I'll just have to just give it a try and see what happens.

    I have to say though, for the price, it's an amazing board! Unless anyone's ever seen a better value board. I mean on ocworkbench this board out performs nforce2 in some benchmarks, mainly application benchmarks but but loses out (not by much though) in the games benchmarks.

    My main PC is a NForce2 Asus A7N8X with 1700+ as phsstpok knows too well by now.

    But I hav a spare case and DVD ROM and PSU and other bits and pieces I was just thinking of getting that mobo, just 256 pc3200 ram for now (price gone up recently) and a 1700+. The reason I was asking about the barton is I'm making another for my friend.

    I can't see where superpsa got the rev 3 info from. Searched a couple of versions of ASRock's website.

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  9. hehe we must have put our replies on at the same time.

    I'll go and check this DFI mobo out.

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