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Picture of bios ic in zinox laptop

Hello every one please can someone kindly help me with a solution i bought an old zenox L55II 1 laptop which looks exactly like fujitsu siemens amilo type it is a sata machine.when you power it on,it quickly demands for a password which makes it impossible to enter into the bios mode i have tried all means i know of but still dos'nt work out.I have removed the cmos battery for a day and fixed it back but still no avail,tried the backdoor thing but still,i have enterd so many passwords from phoenix but still a later download a PCCMOS cleaner software but could not even boot from the cd all because i could not enter into the setup to change the booting directory please i urgently needs help on what else to do to revived my system back you can mail me through i appreciate all your effort and awaits any suggestions.
Thanks so much for you advanced help
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    Ask the person you bought it from for the password.
    If they do not know, ask who ever they stole it from for the password.
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