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I'm having this problem so I hope anyone can help me that is, when I try to
use any USB controller that doesn't come with its own drivers the gamepad
doesnt work properly. Windows sees the pad and it appears in the control
panel, but when trying to see how it works in the gamepad configuration, as
soon as I move the directional pad it recognises two movements and then it
freezes and can't use it anymore. However I tried a logitech controller and
it works fine when installed their own drivers.
So what can I do, is there any fix for this? tia!
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    You're going to need to find the proper drivers for the gamepad. Do you know
    who made it? Are there any identifying numbers on it?
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    Hi, thanks a lot for answering. I tried several gamepads, most of them
    generic, and all of them simply used WindowsXP own drivers. Where they did
    work on other computers I tried without any driver installation, in this
    computer they didn't. I have a Logitech that works, but since Windows should
    get this generic gamepads working directly, I would like to know how to fix
    this so that I'm not limited to which gamepads come with their own drivers
    or not getting them to work at all.
    The thing is I'm looking to purchase this for some retrogaming: which I'm
    sure will use Windows drivers only, thus I would like the fix more than
    anything. The computer is a Sony Vaio U70 btw.
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    According to their web site, the exisiting drivers should already be
    present. Maybe someone else here has a solution for you.

    "Drivers-All RetroZone products are standard USB HID gamepads and need no
    specific drivers. They use the generic USB drivers built into the operating
    system. Fully supported operating systems include WinXP, Win2k, MacOS9, and
    MacOSX. Unix/Linux based systems should work. DOS based systems (Win98,
    WinME) may work, but are not officially supported."

    I also found this article on USB HID drivers: .
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