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I am looking for an all-in-one printer. I am looking at the HP Officejet Pro 8500 or the 8500 Premier wireless models. I am reading some mixed reviews about this officejet. Also, it is not clear if this model works 100% with Windows 7.

Are there any other all-in-one printers that I should consider? I like to stay away from laser in order to reduce ink costs.
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  1. I have just bought the HP Photosmart Plus. fantastic AIO printer, works with windows 7, is wireless and the cartridges are cheap.

    I am in the UK and bought it from Staples for £99.60 with 100 sheets of photo paper, and 4 replacement hp cartidges. absolute bargain
  2. thanks for the feedback. I want a printer that can do it all and handle the business volume.
  3. Moosh wrote "I like to stay away from laser in order to reduce ink costs."

    Colour laser refills are expensive to buy but are far more reliable than inkjet and need changing less often -- so the wastage and downtime with laser justifies the cost and may actually work out cheaper because you won't throwing away half full faulty cartridges.

    If you don't need colour the laser beats inkjet hands down on cost.

    I would also tend to steer you away from all-in one units -- they look like great value but often are built down to a price. The complexity is also an issue and the fact that when one part fails, often the whole thing is out of action.

    I would always go for separate scanner (preferably Canon or Epson) -- and a small laser printer from whoever is cheapest this week.
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