Xbox 360 And PS3 Aux Sound Issue

Hey guys. I have a really wierd situation. Let me explain. I got a tv for christmas 4 years ago, a 32 inch 1080i tv, with pc inputs 2 hdmis and all the works. Well it shorted out or something and all the tv does now is turn on and its stuck in HDMI. When the tv first stopped working I was in the middle of Call of Duty and had the sound on around 50 out of 60 so its very very loud. The remote no longer responds, nothing. No buttons besides power.

I have a ps3 and xbox 360 slim elite, I am going to hook up both of these via an HDMI switch, (So I can press a button and switch the signals between pc-xbox-ps3 on the fly without unplugging anything) I run the HDMI to the splitter, and on both the ps3 and xbox I am running the old white-red-yellow cables for audio into the back of my logitech g51 5.1 system. In the systems settings of both units I can split the sound from the hdmi into the av cords and get sound that way making the tv only do picture.

I need to hook up both the ps3 and xbox 360s white and red cords into the back of the logitech g51 system, but it only has 1 set of aux, so I can only do 1 system at a time and when I want to switch between the two I have to switch the cables and its a pain because the unit is behind a desk.

Does anyone know of something that can plug in 2 sets of white and red (left and right) and switch between the two feeds via remote or perhaps a switch on the cable that will make it easier for me to switch the sound back and forth between the two systems? Help would be much appreciated.
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