Will the Z-5500 work with blu-ray?

I have been wondering for some time now, is the Z-906 or the Z-5500 best?
I have come to the conclusion (After reading lots and lots of forums) that the Z-5500 is best.¨
My new problem is now, I cant plug HDMI into the Z-5500, and therefore I cannot get any sound when watching blu-ray. (I have not got the Z-5500 yet, and have not done a mistake [yet])
I am not sure though, if i can use HDMI for Video, and use some other cables for Audio. (At the same time)
Please answer, even if you're not totally sure. :)
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  1. Are you connecting your Z5500 to your Blu-Ray player or PC? I would advise you get to optical cable and run your sound through that instead. I'm 100% positive that it can play Blu-Ray Discs.
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