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My inspiron B120 is 4 years old. For the past two weeks, the display will suddenly freeze up, turn black with blue streaks through it. The keyboard conitnues to recognize strokes, they are just not displayed until either 1)I apply pressure to the screen with my finger at which point all keystrokes will appear or the webpage will "catch up" or 2)I move the screen almost perpindicular to the keyboard, at which point I cannot easily see it. I ran the complete diagnostics and nothing was found so I am thinking it may be the cables connecting the screen to the computer or the screen itself. I am not sure if it could be a VGA card. I am sure it is a hardware issue. My warranty, of course, has long since expired. Has anyone had this problem? What did you do to fix it? How much did it cost? I really dont want to purchase a brand new laptop. Thank you for your help.
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  1. It sounds like an issue with the inverter, as in my experience this is the most common component to go bad in a laptop. It is easily replaceable though, as there is a thread in the laptops forums on how to take apart a laptop. To get an inverter for your model, check out this website:

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