amd2800+ barton

i just bought this new lovely proc and i must say its quite an upgrade from my amd 1400+. now i have heard that the barton core 2800+ is clocked lower than the older t-bred core, yet when ocing the barton its "true power is released. I was wondering what a fellow amd fan could suggest to oc my new proc at

asus a7n8x deluxe
corsair twinx xms 1gig
geforce 4 ti4600
audigy2 platinum
samsung80 7200rpm
xasarII case
thermaltake subzerog4 cooling sys, with tec heatsink
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  1. varies for every chip really, but you should be able to hit 2.3Ghz without too much trouble, What speed grade is your RAM? you should have at least PC3200 if you want to try Ocing much.

    The usual routine is to lower your multiplier as low as you can - think this is normally 8x or so, and then gradually increase your FSB in small intervals (2-5Mhz), running some stress testing stuff between each step (e.g. sisoft Sandra's burn-in) - the longer you run it for the better.

    When you start getting problems, back down to a lower value that you've previously found is 'safe', and then start increasing the CPU multiplier, again stress testing in between each step. When you start to hit problems, this time try adding 0.05V to your Vcore until it's stable, and carry on..

    Personnally I don't like upping the Vcore too much, as it can make the chip warm up a lot, but I would say up to about 1.75V should be fairly safe for a Barton. (some ppl go up to 2.1V and stuff, but I don't feel that's wise unless you have some extreme cooling, and even then it'll shorten the life of the chip considerably.

    et Voila! you should soon find the OC limits of your system.

    To be completely honest though, you should find you can start at something like an FSB of 190, with a 10x multiplier, and go up from there, to save some time - Bartons are on the whole exceedingly overclockable.

    Good luck!

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  2. yeah i have pc3200 ram, thanks alot thats some good advice, im hoping i can run 400mzh fsb, but i think thats pushing the 2800+, i do have extreme cooling for my proc, so maybe its fesable, thank you for you help
  3. 200FSB is not unreasonable. The Chip should cope with it easily. (after all, it's basically the same core as a Barton 3200+, which runs a 200FSB at stock)
    Many people have managed 220FSB or more, but how high you can get depends a lot on your memory, and Motherboard chipset (as they're running at the same speed as the FSB).. e.g. I can't get my t-bred 1700+ higher than 196FSB, but I'm pretty sure it's my mobo chipset overheating, as I have an early revision Epox 8RDA+, which is known to have an overheating Southbridge (and the passive heatsink on the Northbridge is a bit feeble)

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
  4. put the northbridge heatsink on the southbridge and get an aftermaket heatsink for the north bridge...the northbridge heatsink will fit pefictly into the holes cut around the south bridge...

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