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Hello people im getting some strange issue with my system .i dont no how long its been going on for but i started seeing it yesterday.
When i was watching some online tv show. the video was framing and was not smooth playback. i thought this was down to a bad coded video online so just to be sure i did a test and tryd runing a movie file i allready had on my computer using VLC (the media player i allwaz use)and the video playd smoothly but the sound was all jumpy and chopy and it turnd out to be like this with all my videos. funny thing is though when i tryd playing them in windows media player there was no problem at all it run fine. now the reely bizare part is this. In a videogame every cinimatic video Is chopy and completly out of sync. dose anyone have any idea what has caused this issue?
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  1. I would get a different brand motherboard, intel or gigabyte is personal preference.
    I have seen asus boards with issues like this before...rather than spending a bunch of time trying to work around it, I would just use a different board to start with.
    I would use two hard drives.
    One small fast drive for the OS and apps only.
    (example: 70 GB 10,000 rpm 2-1/2" WD velociraptor, pretty darn fast and cheap.)
    The 1 TB drive for personal files only. documents, videos, music, pictures.
    Do not put OS on 1 TB drive.
    1TB drive is extremely slow. Will slow down system badly when you put OS and personal files on 1TB drive.
    Also, separate game drive, if applicable. Use fast drives for fast response.

    When you get your board changed out, and the extra drive for OS, you will be styl'in
  2. I had this problem a few times over the years, you may need to add a video card to you computer, but I would try reloading your video and sound drivers first and if that doesn't work get a new video card in that order. If you get a new one make sure the video card is compatible with your motherboard. You may not need a new motherboard unless your current one is truly the problem.

    One time I had a PC with everything integrated including audio/video, opened it up and the cpu heatsink was clogged with dust which made every video was choppy. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning the PC or upgrading drivers or video card then take it to a repairman.
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