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Hi I have recently purchased a HP DV7 3079 and have brought it into Best Buy to have the RAM upgraded from 4 to 6 GB when I went to pick it up the Geek Squad guy told me that my laptop was running too hot not sure of all the technical stuff as I am pretty computer dumb ... The tech downlaoded Core Temp for me and showed me that on idle my laptop is at around 46 degrees and when I start to stream YouTube and surf website it jumps to around 53 degrees r so .... throw in itunes with all that and its around 63 degrees ... the fan is set to always on ( from the factory )and is being used in a normal enviorment. Now that I am home with me laptop I am constantly looking at the temp and freaking out from what the Geek Squad guy told me I am wondering are these temps really that bad or high? Not sure how to read the core temp program but when I am surfing and listening to music it says 9 and 30 percent load not sure what that is and cpu temp says 50 degrees ...with a low of 44 and high of 69 degrees again not sure what all that means. Any help would be greatly apreciated! Oh and the computer is less than a month old so its not dirty or dusty, also a co worker told me AMD Turions run hot and its normal ... so confused!

Computer specs Hp Dv7 3079
AMD Turion 2 Ultra Duo M600
2-4 ghz 3.6 gt/s 2MB cache L2
640 GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 / 2815 MB total graphics memory 1024 dedicated
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  1. Honestly, the Geek Squad guy is trying to make you paranoid. 46 C at idle isn't a bad temp for a laptop (especially an HP laptop) and 63 under load really isn't anything to worry about. Are they a little warm? yes, but nothing serious. If you continue to watch it and see your temps get over 80 C, then you might have some problems.

    Now, what the numbers mean:
    The 9 and 30% load numbers represent how much stress is being put on each core of your processor. Since your processor has two cores, you will see two numbers. In your case, one core has 9% load and the other 30%.

    The CPU temp of 50, represents the temperature that you processor was running at at that time. Low of 44 is the lowest temperature the program had recorded and 69 was the highest.
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