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  1. afgracer said:

    Good luck on replacing your TV. Vizio TVs are the hardest to repair. Next time, if you select an LED with passive 3D technology, opt for the LG LW series or the upcoming LM series, they are much better. :na:
  2. afgracer said:

    There was a thead about lg vs vizio tv and it all came down to good quality vs cheap price. You might feel like you can save money buying a vizio but it will cost you a lot to repair or replace it. I never saw a manufacturer admitted that their products are made of cheap chinese parts and not fixable until i read the article linked to that thread. You should take a look at this.
  3. afgracer said:

    Ughhh negative image, Sure you have not changed a picture setting?

    If not the repair is going to be more than a new TV from a decent brand like LG.
  4. negative image,what should I do
  5. This only happens after 1 hour of tv.. Tried all ports still same resaults
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